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1…2…3…Jump! July 18, 2006

Posted by pastorsbc1303 in Devotional.

Over the last few days our family has spent a lot of time hanging out at our town’s water park.  Our daughters all love the water and enjoy playing on the frog slide, lazy river, and big slide.  Our 2nd daughter Mackenzie has always been a little more timid and fearful of things.  However, lately she has gained a lot of courage.  She will now stand on the side of the pool and after having Dad say the magic words of “1…2…3…Jump”, she will jump right in the water.   Even our youngest daughter McKylie has gotten in the action and enjoys going down the frog slide as long as  Mom or Dad is right there to catch her. 

As I was watching my girls playing in the water this evening I began thinking of how I am the same way many times with my Heavenly Father.  Sometimes I am fearful of things and need some reassurance to be able to jump where the Lord desires.  But once I take that first jump and realize that my Father is always there watching over me and providing for me, I can then enjoy what He is doing around me.  Sometimes I am even like McKylie, I want to look at the end of the slide and see my Father there waiting for me.  Yet sometimes He wants us to be faithful to Him even when we do not see Him at the end of that slide.   

Have a great day in Caveland!  



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