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What is the Message of the Church? August 2, 2008

Posted by pastorsbc1303 in Theology.

This morning I stopped in the local barber shop to get my hair cut. As I was waiting my turn I picked up a copy of today’s Springfield News-Leader. As I flipped through the paper I found an article about a new church that is starting in Springfield. The more I read about this church the more aggravated I became.

According to the article the church is going to focus on social justice. Huh? What? Did I just read that right? Why does a church need to focus on this? Here is a quote from the article:

“And the message will always be an unreserved message of advocacy for peace, social justice and the dignity of all people.”

Now what is the problem? What’s wrong with social justice? Nothing is wrong with it, it just is not the message of the church. The message of the church begins and ends with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, otherwise known as the Gospel. Any other message is really no message at all.

Stories like this should make all of us who stop and think hard about the message of our church. Are we truly focused on the Gospel in everything we do?

What is the message of your church?

You can read the article here: New Church to Focus on Social Justice



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