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El Salvador Trip October 5, 2008

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We made is safely to El Salvador.  We are not too far from the Guatemala border in the Santa Ana region.  I had a great plan of downloading the pictures I took today and posting a few of them here on my blog.  However, dummy me forgot to bring the cord for my camera.  I am going to see if someone else’s cord will work.  If not, you will just have to wait until I get back to Missouri to see the pictures.

Today was a wonderful day.  We arrived at our church, The First Baptist Church of New Jerusalem, this morning in time to be a part of the worship service and it was such a blessing to share in their time of worship.  They are very sincere and humble people who truly love the Lord and you can see that just about all of them really get what worship truly is.  The other pastor on the trip preached this morning and I preached this evening.  It was a real blessing to be able to preach in their church. Although I will say it was quite awkward having to start and stop so many times.  But I had a really good interpreter named Pablo that helped me a long.

This afternoon we divided up into 3 groups with each group having a translator and a guide.  Each group went to a different area of the city to do evangelism.  On our very first visit we encountered a teenage girl named Jessica.  We talked to her for quite awhile and she said that she knew who Jesus was and what Jesus had done and there was nothing standing in the way of her salvation other than she had just never taken the time to trust Him.  We had the honor of praying with her and seeing her life changed by the Lord.  She came to the services that night and shared with the church of her salvation.  Our other visits were not nearly as exciting, but it was a great experience to be able to visit in the homes of several families.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for our trip.  I will provide updates and possibly some pictures as often as I can.



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