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El Salvador Trip–Part 2 October 7, 2008

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Today we started off our trip by seeing some Mayan Ruins.  It was amazing to see their design and structure and to be able to walk around and wonder what things were like so many years ago on that land.  The Ruins were only about 4 blocks from the hotel where we are staying.

Following our tour of the Ruins, we were able to attend a local school for kids in elementary up through 9th grade.  The pastor of the church arranged for us to have 30 minutes of their time, so they gathered everyone together in a large area and allowed one of our team members to pass out tracts and do a full gospel presentation.  We had a good time playing with the kids and passing out candy to them and seeing all of their smiles.

This afternoon we hosted a deacon and leadership training seminar for the church we are working with.  One of the deacons on the trip led the study and then many others on the trip shared thoughts and ideas that hopefully will be helpful to this church.

This evening we had a worship service and I was able to preach again with the help of Pablo.  It was a lot easier preaching the 2nd time around with an interpreter.  I felt more confident on where to stop and start, and things went a lot smoother.  The folks from this church have really been amazing.  They are so humble, genuine, and sincere.  Every member that comes in to the service kneels down and spends several minutes in prayer.  They also really sing out loud during the service and all really seem to love to worship together.  At the close of the service, their pastor shared with us that he had just learned that Alleluia was the same in Spanish and English and wanted us to all sing it together to end the service.  It was really touching to hear everyone singing together.

When we returned to our hotel we had a traditional El Salvador dinner of papusas. They are 2 tortillas  put together with cheese, meat, and/or beans in the middle.  They were quite good.

Thank you again for all of your prayers.



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