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Saying Goodbye to El Salvador October 10, 2008

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The last two days have been so hard trying to say goodbye to all of my new friends in El Salvador. I have grown to love all of the people here and the church we worked with has just been amazing. The pastor has such a heart for the Lord. Even though he pastors a small little country church he is already making plans for how he can plant more churches in their area. He drove us through a small town today that does not have a baptist church and he wants to plant one there as soon as possible.

I will especially miss two of the girls from the church. Lupe was one of the teenage girls at the church and she was a sweetheart. She noticed that I was wearing a Willow Springs maroon bracelet much like the light blue and white one she was wearing. As we were leaving I gave her my bracelet to remember all of us by and so she wanted to give me hers. The other girl was the pastor’s daughter and her name was Alyishia. She was always around and just had a really sweet yet feisty spirit about her. She played the drums for the church during the times of worship.

I am also going to really miss our translators Pablo and Susie. They both did a wonderful job and helped us out so much during the week. You could clearly see their servant’s heart. Both of them may have opportunities in the next year to come to Missouri and we are going to be praying that God will allow that to happen.

We will arrive back home late tomorrow night. After we are home I will post some pictures here from the trip. Thank you again for all your prayers.



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