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Going to be Rich!!!!!!! November 12, 2008

Posted by pastorsbc1303 in Uncategorized.

Today I went to the mail box and found a letter from a trust company telling me that I was the beneficiary of a man whose name I had never heard of in my life.  So I called up the company to inquire about it just knowing I was going to be filthy rich.  After waiting on hold for a while I finally get to talk to a representative who informs me that this is in fact correct.  A Mr. Steckel from Pennsylvania started a trust many years ago and I am one of his great, great nephews that is still alive.  And I along with 6 other nephews and nieces would be able to split the estate.  I eagerly asked how much would each of us be receiving.  The lady told me that while the figures were not completely worked out, she felt pretty confident that each of us would be getting somewhere around five dollars.  Sigh, there goes my dreams of fame and fortune.  Oh well, maybe next time.



1. Jesse - November 15, 2008

If it will make you feel better, David, the attorney will probably rake in a quarter of a million dollars for his part.


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