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SBC in Decline April 28, 2009

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Very good article here by Ed Stetzer:  A Denomination (Continuing) in its Decline

I believe Dr. Stetzer correctly analyzes the situation and offers sound thoughts on what the response should be to this situation.  Southern Baptists can no longer afford to keep their heads in the sand and ignore this issue.  As Dr. Stetzer says, this must be our wake up call.

Let me leave you with a quote from the article:

I am grieved, but I also see opportunity if we can ignore the responses that are soon to follow explaining how it is all going fine and we just don’t need to worry. Those in charge know what to do to fix it. Instead, I think we need to see this as the bad news it is but also an opportunity to change.

It is an opportunity for discovering a regenerate church membership living on mission.
It is an open door to pray for God’s reviving of the church.
It is the motivation for a Great Commission Resurgence for all Christians, in the hearts of pastors, through a church planting renaissance, and in our denominational structure.

But change does not come easy for us. For that matter, it does not come easy for me. To illustrate and conclude, let me tell you something funny about myself– I have oddly-shaped feet. They are too wide in the middle to wear normal shoes. So, years ago I found a brand of shoe that fits and it is all I wear. Because they are hard to find and replace, I will literally wear out the soles of my shoes before buying new ones. My clue is normally a cold puddle of water accidentally stepped in. But the sting of the freezing water rushing over my toes usually motivates me to buy new shoes. Finding new shoes is a pain. It costs me time and resources. And I don’t like those pains in my life. I don’t like the pain of change.

Here is the principle: People do not change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. And, neither do denominations…

So let me ask you a simple question: Are we hurting enough to make the changes we need?



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