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Dealing With Discouragement June 11, 2009

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Recently I was reading a few of A.W. Tozer’s sermons, and I came across some good words of wisdom regarding discouragement.  In this sermon he shares what he calls rules for the time of discouragement.  I found these helpful and thought I would share them:

1.  Do not accept the judgment of your own heart about the matter.  A discouraged heart will always go astray, so don’t think about yourself the way you feel about yourself.

2.  Make no important decisions while you are discouraged.  Never say yes or no to anything while you are discouraged.  Don’t resign your job.  Don’t sell your property.  Get down before God and get straightened out.  Ask God to roll the clouds away and take the defeat out of your spirit, and the reverses out of your heart.

3.  Remember failure doesn’t make you any less dear to God.  I am so glad God does not look at our bank balance to know how much to love us.  The fact that you have failed in some way in life does not affect God’s love for you at all.  Neither does it affect His promises.

4.  Go to the Bible and read the promises of God.  Read the promises until your heart begins to leap with joy of the promises.  Remember that the living God is everything.  Not success, not victory–but God.  Not winning, not losing–but God.  My victory cannot enrich God and my defeat cannot impoverish God.



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