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More Thoughts on GCR August 20, 2009

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A few weeks ago I posted some thoughts by Thom Rainer on the importance of personal commitment to the Great Commission Resurgence in the SBC.  Today in his blog Dr. Rainer has some more good thoughts to consider on this topic.

You can find the entire article here: Questions for a Personal Great Commission Resurgence

He gives us 10 tough questions to consider if we are serious about seeing a resurgence in our own personal lives:

  1. Do I read and study my Bible daily so I can know what the Word says about a Great Commission lifestyle?
  2. Do I pray each day that God will lead me to a Great Commission lifestyle?
  3. Do I need to reconcile with someone so that God can truly use me in the fulfillment of the Great Commission?
  4. Am I willing to change my lifestyle materially so I might give more and be less dependent on the things of the world?
  5. Do I really show concern for the poor and hurting in this world and in my community?
  6. Would my family testify honestly that I lead a Great Commission lifestyle with them?
  7. Do I have a gentle and loving spirit that reflects the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life?
  8. Do I major on minors?
  9. Do I see the speck in others’ eyes without seeing the plank in mine?
  10. Does my life reflect genuine joy?

May we all be seeking to reflect on these questions and be looking for what God wants to accomplish in our personal lives, our churches, and our denomination.



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