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Disconnect Between 2010 and Acts 2 February 22, 2010

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Lately I have been wrestling with something as I study the Scriptures, why does there seem to be such a disconnect between passages such as Acts 2 and where the church is today in 2010.  When I read in Acts 2 of the church having such an impact on their culture, and showcasing a true commitment on bringing the Lord glory and seeing the Lord change lives through their fellowship, ministry, prayer, service, and worship it makes me realize all the more how much the church today seems to be missing something.

What is missing?  Well I don’t claim to be an expert or have all the answers, but a possible answer in my mind is found in Mark 12: 28-34.  In this passage Jesus sums up all of the Law into 2 statements: Loving God with everything you have and loving your neighbor as yourself.  From my perspective in the church today we spend a lot of time focused on #1.  I sincerely believe we love the Lord and we want to know Him more.   Almost everything we do today is centered on this statement of Jesus.  We have classes designed to help us do this.  We plan worship services to stir the emotions to lead to a greater love for the Lord.   We try to train our youth and children in this every week.  And yet no matter how hard we try something still seems to be missing.

Could it be that what is missing is found in statement #2 of Jesus, loving our neighbor as ourselves?  As I look at the church today I see very little true commitment to doing this.  We talk a lot about it.  We talk about reaching our neighbors with the gospel.  We talk about serving people and meeting their needs.  Yet when the talking is finished is there any real action taking place?

When I read of the early church in Acts, I see a church that not only loves the Lord with everything they have, but they are willing to serve people at all costs.   We can make excuses all day long about how much we love the Lord, but can we really say we are fulfilling statement #1 by Jesus if we are unwilling to really follow through on statement #2?  I wonder if this is at least part of what we are missing as the church in 2010?  Something to think and pray about.



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