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A Prayer by Spurgeon June 13, 2010

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Our Father,
we dare call you by that blessed name,
for we feel the spirit of children.
We love you, we trust you,
and we desire in all things to be obedient to your will,
and to seek your honor.

All our dependence is placed on you
since the day when you taught us to believe in Jesus Christ
and now, you are all in all to us,
You are our fullness,
and we lose ourselves and find ourselves completely in you.

We would lie in the very dust before you because of sin;
and yet, at the same time, rejoice in the great Sin-bearer,
that the sin is not imputed to us,
that it is put away by his precious blood,
that we are accepted in the Beloved.
But even this does not content us;
we are crying after the work of the Holy Spirit within,
till Satan shall be bruised under our feet,
and sin shall be utterly destroyed.

This is our soul’s grandest desire,
that Jesus’ name be lifted high,
and his throne be set up among the people,
to the praise of the glory of His grace.

– Charles Spurgeon, 1880



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