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No Weapon Formed… July 18, 2010

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A friend of mine recently sent me this quote from Puritan William Gurnall, I thought it was worth passing along:

Satan’s kingdom is a powerful kingdom. His forces are formidable, and are designed against God and man. Though fallen, they are yet angels, and have the power and authority of angels. If we get a proper understanding of Satan’s power, however, this lion will not appear so fierce. Consider three things: I. Satan’s power is a derived power. He does not have it of himself, but by God. His power will never hurt you. Would your Father give him a sword to mischief his own child? Christ told Pilate that he could do nothing unless given from above. Don’t look at the cruel jailer that whips you, but read the warrant, and see who wrote it. At the bottom you will find your Father’s hand. 2. Satan’s power is a limited power. He cannot do all he desires. He stands like a dog at the table while the saints feast in comfort. The dog dares not stir, for his master’s eye is on him. 3. Satan’s power is a ministering power, appointed by God to serve the saints. When Luther was told what had been passed against the Protestants, he said that it was decreed one way by the counsel, but differently in heaven. Satan seeks to ruin our graces and destroy our souls, but God’s thoughts are comfort and peace. Leviathan thinks to swallow up the saints, but he is sent from God, as the whale to Jonah, to bring us home safe. God allows his children to fall into temptation-as we do with linen when the spots are washed out by rubbing and laying them out to bleach, so the saint’s spots are whitened under Satan’s scouring. We should comfort ourselves that Satan’s temptations are for our good. God has given the world with its afflictions, the prince of it too, with all his wrath and power, to lead us to our inheritance. This is love and wisdom indeed in a riddle, but you who have the Spirit of Christ can unfold it.



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