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Martin Luther Quote January 21, 2011

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“The Law scolds us, sin screams at us, death thunders at us, the devil roars at us. In the midst of the clamor the Spirit of Christ cries in our hearts: “Abba, Father.” And this little cry of the Spirit transcends the hullabaloo of the Law, sin, death, and the devil, and finds a hearing with God.”


Basketball Season is Here January 16, 2011

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Basketball season is in full swing for our family.  Mackenzie and McKenna are playing on a 3rd & 4th grade team.  Mckenna was asked to be on the team to give them an extra girl even though she is only in 2nd grade.  They have played 2 games and won both of them.  Kenna got her very first basket yesterday in their game.  Kenzie has not scored a basket yet but she is playing really good defense and having a great time.

Michaela is playing on two different teams.  She is playing on a team through our local YMCA and then she is playing on a traveling team that has 2 games every Saturday afternoon.  So she has 3 games every Saturday.  I am helping to coach both her teams and we are having a blast.  Her YMCA team is currently 1-1 and her traveling team is 5-1.  Here are a few pics so far:

Here is Kenna and Kenzie with their team in a huddle during the game!

Here is Kenzie playing defense in her first game.

Here is Kenna watching the jump ball at the start of her first game!

Here is Kayla and her best buddy Devin getting ready for their first traveling team game!