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The Cave is a place to get away from the world and spend time relaxing.  All the Cave dwellers out there are invited to come in and chat about theology, sports, and anything that hits home! 



1. Robert R. Cuminale - July 8, 2006

Hi David,

Blogging? lol

Nice look in the tuxedo. I’ll wager you’ll be wearing one more than I since I have only one son and you have four daughters.

Thanks for the new links.

Bob Cuminale

2. Jesse - July 8, 2006

Dave, you haven’t changed. Good to hear from you. Were you able to keep any of your old blogs? I didn’t know you had one and would enjoy reading them?


3. todd - January 4, 2007

too bad david is a cheat fan. good to know they can only make the playoffs if the broncos lose.

4. worshipfan - February 5, 2008

Thanks for checking out my blog….nice to “meet” you!

5. Jody Swaim - June 8, 2008

Dave, I missed you on the Baptist Board lately and recently saw an old post of yours which indicated you are no longer on the board. Sorry to see you go. God bless!

6. abercrombies - August 24, 2008

Enjoyed your blog, David!
Especially the part about how unworthy we are! We even have a wonderful church here in our community of those who see themselves as the “unworthy non-elect” but still praise God that He will graciously use them as His “vessels of wrath unto destruction” for His glory?
No persuading this bunch to receive the gospel, they know it and proclaim it but believe its not their good fortune to be recipients of it!

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