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Back to School August 16, 2012

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It is back to school time here in our world.  This year it comes with an added bonus of it being the first day back at school for me as well.  I have accepted a position with our local school district and will be working every day at the school.  A little nervous about things, but trusting the Lord has a plan!  It is nice to be able to ride with the girls every day!


Father of a Teenager June 27, 2012

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Hard for me to grasp that today I am now the father of a teenager.  Where has all the time gone!  Happy Birthday Michaela!

Busy Summer June 25, 2012

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Summer is in full effect around the Cox household.  Between softball, swim team, basketball practice, band practice, and church activities we are constantly on the go.  This past Saturday was a highlight so far for the year as the Cox girls all had big days.

Mackenzie and McKenna are playing on our 9-10 yr old Lady Bear softball team.  They had a great season and finished the year in 2nd place.  We had our season ending tournament on Saturday.  In the first game of the day we were tied 4-4 going to the bottom of the last inning.  McKenna led off the inning with a walk and stole 2nd base and 3rd base.   Then mighty Mackenzie got the game winning hit to drive in McKenna to win the game 5-4.  It was a pretty special moment for me as the coach and as their dad to see my two girls have such a big impact on our game.  We lost the championship game later in the day 9-8, but still had a great day and a great season.

Michaela’s softball team played in their season ending tournament on Saturday as well.  They played hard and had to overcome a few injuries and finished in 3rd place.  Michaela had a great year both pitching and hitting.  She won several games pitching including a game where she struck out 11 girls and did not walk anyone.  She hit 2 homeruns this year including a grand slam that helped her team come from behind to beat a team.

McKylie was the only Cox girl at the last swim meet and she took advantage of that by winning the high point trophy for the 8 & under girls.  She was thrilled to get her first trophy.  She has had to battle her sister McKenna all year with McKenna winning three high point trophies in that age group.  So our family has now won high point trophies at every meet this year.

This coming Thursday is going to be perhaps the highlight of the summer. Michaela and I will be traveling together with a group from our church to Southeastern Europe for a week long mission trip.  This will be Michaela’s first ever trip outside of the country.   We are really looking forward to this trip and I cannot wait to see what the Lord does in our lives during this time.

Here are a couple pictures of things from the past few weeks.

Kylie swimming the backstroke.

Kylie and Kenzie getting ready to swim the long butterfly in their different age groups.

Kenna getting ready to swim the short free.

Kenna with one of her high point trophies.

Kylie with her high point trophy.

Our 9-10 yr old softball team with their 2nd place trophy.

Team picture before a game.

Lofty Glances From Lofty People May 18, 2012

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Gator Hunting May 10, 2012

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Spent the day at the zoo yesterday with Kylie and her first grade classmates.Here is my group for the day doing some gator hunting.  You could almost hear Troy in the background yelling Choot em, Choot em.

Thoughts on T4G 2012 April 14, 2012

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This past week I had the blessing of attending Together for the Gospel (T4G) in Louisville, KY.  It was my second time being able to attend this conference and it was just simply amazing once again.  I wanted to take a few moments to get my thoughts down on what a blessing this event was to me and I am sure many others.

The theme was “The Underestimated Gospel.”  One of the new features of this years event was the testimonies.  Several people got up to share about their conversion experience and how we should never underestimate the gospel.  It is the power to save for everyone from those who seem to be the farthest away from Christ to the young people who grow up in homes who attend church every time the doors were open.

One of the things that impacted me the most during the week was the powerful singing.  Bob Kauflin led us in these times and there is just something special about hearing an arena full of 8,000+ (mainly men) singing these songs about the gospel.  It brings goosebumps to my arms just thinking back to it.  Here is a small sample of what it was like:

Another great blessing of the week is the fellowship you get to enjoy with other people.  I was able to attend the conference with two pastor friends of mine.  The time together in the truck traveling to and from the conference was a good time of bonding, as well as the time together at the conference during the week.  There were a lot of memories made that I am sure will be talked about for years to come.  Also there is the opportunity to run into old friends that you have not seen for awhile.  I got to talk to several friends I knew from seminary.  Then you get the opportunity to meet new friends.  One of the other new features to this years conference was the meal plan.  You could choose to purchase meals at the conference location in this huge room filled with tables and chairs as far as you could see.  This provided a great time to meet new people and learn about their stories.  One of the men I met at our table this week was preparing to start a DMin in preaching from Southern Seminary so that naturally led to a great conversation.

On top of it all by far the best part of the week was the preaching we had the privilege of hearing.   Guys like C.J. Mahaney, Al Mohler, Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, Thabiti Anyabwile  and Kevin DeYoung brought great messages.  But in my opinion the three best messages of the conference were given by David Platt, Matt Chandler, and John Piper.  You can find the audio and video of all the messages on the main T4G website.  I would encourage you to invest the time in all the messages there as they will feed your soul.

Here is the message that David Platt preached which was tweeted by John Piper as perhaps the greatest message he has ever heard on missions.   It was a grand slam on all accounts!

It was just a great week all together which was desperately needed.   As a pastor you do not realize at times how easy it is to get the tank on empty.  My tank was on empty when I left for the conference, but it returned extra full.   I truly appreciate the work of Mark Dever, Al Mohler, C.J. Mahaney, and Ligon Duncan do to put this event on, and I am already looking forward to the next conference in 2014!

Law & Gospel March 24, 2012

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Been reading and studying a lot lately on the distinction between the Law & Gospel.  Really intriguing stuff.  In my study I came across this helpful poem by Ralph Erskine that I wanted to share.

The law supposing I have all,
Does ever for perfection call;
The gospel suits my total want,
And all the law can seek does grant.

The law could promise life to me,
If my obedience perfect be;
But grace does promise life upon
My Lord’s obedience alone.

The law says, Do, and life you’ll win;
But grace says, Live, for all is done;
The former cannot ease my grief,
The latter yields me full relief.

The law will not abate a mite,
The gospel all the sum will quit;
There God in thret’nings is array’d
But here in promises display’d.

The law excludes not boasting vain,
But rather feeds it to my bane;
But gospel grace allows no boasts,
Save in the King, the Lord of Hosts.

Lo! in the law Jehovah dwells,
But Jesus is conceal’d;
Whereas the gospel’s nothing else
But Jesus Christ reveal’d.

Basketball Season February 7, 2012

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We have been in the middle of basketball season around here for the last few months.  Kayla played on the 7th grade team and helped lead their team to an 11-5 record and was one of their leading scorers.  I am coaching Kenzie & Kenna’s 3rd & 4th grade team and so far this season we are 3-1.  Kenzie and Kenna are both doing great and we are all enjoying every minute of it.  Here are a few pictures of the seasons…

Kayla getting a steal and going in for a score.

Kayla going up for a basket.

Dribbling around the defenders.

Kenzie driving to the basket.

Kenzie trying to find an open teammate.

Kenna going up for a basket.

Kenna scoring a basket while Kenzie gets in position for a rebound.


“Dear Lord” December 27, 2011

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At our Christmas Eve service, Mackenzie, McKenna, and McKylie sang a song.  Check it out:

Merry Christmas December 24, 2011

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Hope everyone in Caveland has a Merry Christmas!